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    New Breeze Thoddoo INN

    Our guest house is located 6 minutes walk to the beach, along the way you can see how papaya, watermelon and other fruits grows.

    Most recently, the Maldivian government allowed the local population to build hotels and mini-hotels.
    Thus, rest on the Maldives became accessible to all who could not afford it before.

    We have our own restaurant in which you will taste delicious “Maldivian breakfast” and try other Maldivian and European food.
    You can chose your meal package by your own like only bed and breakfast, half board or full board.

    Room amenities

  • air conditioner
  • free wi-fi
  • water, tea, coffee
  • electric kettle
  • safe
  • hair dryer
  • TV
  • restroom
  • shower or bath with hot water
  • shampoo and shower gel
  • clean towels
  • Activities

    Picnic Island

    Take a journey to the uninhabited island in the middle of Indian ocean!,A wonderful place with the stunning color of water and sand.
    Picnic Island consists of two islands and you can get from one to another by walking in the shallow area.


    Probably, almost every angler is interested in catching a sailboat, and the opportunity to make a beautiful photo with this magnificent and strong fish. In addition to the sailboat in the Maldives, it is possible to catch a variety of different types of fish: caruncles, groupers, sneppers, various species of tuna and apryon inhabit the waters of the Indian Ocean, washing these fabulous islands. The main attractions of these small islands are palm trees, sand, the sea, and, of course, fishing!

    Manta Snorkeling

    Manta ray (Manta birostris) got its name due to an ancient legend.

    From the Spanish “manta” it is translated as a cloak or blanket, and people believed that if a person meets manta, he wraps the poor fellow like a cloak, and pulls him to the bottom.
    Of course, in this story there is not a drop of truth, since this fish is not dangerous for people.
    Its second name, namely the giant sea devil, manta also owes to human prejudices. If it is difficult to argue with the epithet “giant”, as the adult grows up to 2 meters, and the range of its fins reaches 8 meters, then the devil apparently got excited.
    The fact is that the pectoral fins of the manta ray were transformed into peculiar “spoons” with which they direct their food into the mouth. But from the side they resemble horns.

    Our guest house provide you opportunity to meet Mantas face to face
    and swim with them in open ocean.

    Coral Snorkling

    The abundance of the marine life of the Maldives is a source of attraction not only for divers, but also for passionate snorkelers. Snorkeling is one of the simplest ways with which you can get to know this fantastic world below the surface of the ocean. So, all you need is a mask, snorkel, fins and a good Home Reef. Approximately 70 different varieties of colorful coral reefs make up the flora of the underwater kingdom of the Maldives, with over 700 species of fish and other marine creatures playing the role of fauna. To appreciate this bright and colorful world of the Maldives, you do not need to be a professional diver.


    The Maldives is the world capital of diving. The underwater world of the Maldives attracts divers from all over the world with a diverse flora and fauna. Let’s plunge together and see for ourselves! We will help pick up the equipment, tell you how to use it, and become your reliable partner during the dive. And here the fun begins! Maldives is a giant underwater restaurant for marine life. Straits between atolls like a sieve filter the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, inviting the marine fauna to a magnificent feast. All we need to get to know them better is to dive to the nearest reef! Among the usual inhabitants of coral gardens – tuna, barracuda, Napoleon. In spring and summer, giant manta rays and whale sharks come to enjoy the plankton. However, in the winter you do not have to complain about the lack of beautiful staff. Frequent meetings with sharks – completely harmless, but so photogenic!

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