Hulhumale’ is a 10 minute drive from airport. There are many small hotels or guesthouses in Hulhumale’. Most of them operates shuttle between airport and hotel. The airport also operates public bus which is not very frequent. For your convenient it is advisable to arrange prior transfer from your hotel or guest house.Tourist attraction and things to do.

    Most of the visitors staying in Hulhumale’ are transit tourists who stay overnight before visiting resort next day or before taking international flight back to your destination of origin. Low hotel rates attract many budget travelers who enjoy local rates at restaurants in this new town. There are over 60 hotel (guest houses) on the second most populous island in the Maldives. Entire island reclaimed in the sea, Hulhumale’ is the first and only planned city which aims to ease overcrowding problems in the capital Male’. Currently is it home to over 40,000 residents, businesses and economic activities are vibrant and fast growing.

  • A mile long white sandy beach is a popular attraction among locals tourists. Maldives being tiny islands Hulhumale’ beach is one of the largest in the country and of cause closest beach to airport. Maldives is a Muslim country, bikini and swim suit is not permitted on Hulhumale’ beach. Tourists normally wear T-shirt with short or T-shirt with tight, to swim in Hulhumale’ Lagoon. If you want to wear your bikini then head to one of the resorts where everyone around on the beach wears it. Many hotels and guesthouses in Hulhumale’ offers day trips to near by resorts, in case you do not want to stay for a night. Hulhumale’ beach is definitely not the best in Maldives but it is beautiful even take pictures. Find road named “Dhiggaa Magu”, that is the beach road. It is the closes public beach to the airport. Public bus and airport taxi makes it easy to access for both tourists and locals. There is boat ferry between Male’ and Hulhumale’. Between airport and Hulhumale’ access is only by road.

    This is one of the most popular activities among tourist. Most of the hotels offer night fishing.

    All the resorts offer water sports but prices are high as there are higher taxes and operating costs involved. Cheapest place for watersports is Hulhumale’. Walk along the road “Dhigga Magu” and you will find watersports service providers. Snorkeling, windsurfing, jetskii are among the most popular activities.

    There are two or three dive cantres in Hulhumale’ and “into Scuba Dive Center” is my favourite.

    Sandbanks are one of the most fascinating treasure of nature you could experience in Maldives. Spending some time on a sandbank is highly recommended in your Maldives trip. Most of the resorts offer this activity from the resort, but not all resorts are closed to one of these magical spots. There are two sandbanks easily accessible from Hulhumale’., one is called “Sexy Beach” which is near Maafushi island, about 45 minutes by speedboat. Other one is close, near Koddipparu island and Baros. Both are public places, you do not need any permit to visit.